After Endodontic Treatment

  • Upon completion of Endodontic Treatment, the root canal system has been permanently sealed, while the outer surface of the tooth is covered with only a temporary restoration. Therefore, it is imperative that you make an appointment with your general dentist in a timely fashion (we recommend not waiting longer than about one month) to have the tooth restored to function with a crown or a permanent filling.
  • A  post-operative report and a copy of the final x-ray will be mailed to your general dentists office.
  • Avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the treatment was performed until you see your General Dentist for a permanent restoration.
  • In most cases there are no contraindications or restrictions regarding driving yourself home from your appointment or resuming your daily routine.
  • Someone from our office will check-in with you via telephone the day after your appointment (unless it was on a Friday or Saturday in which case you may be contacted early the following week).
  • It is completely normal to have some post-operative discomfort for a few days after endodontic treatment. Every person responds differently, with some having virtually no pain at all while others having more pronounced or prolonged symptoms. Our doctors will discuss post-op pain management strategies with you at the end of your appointment and provide you with any prescriptions they deem appropriate.  You will also be given printed instructions to reinforce this information.
  • In the unlikely event that you experience discomfort that is not controlled by the medications recommended and/or prescribed by our doctors, or notice any visible swelling in the soft tissue around the treated tooth,  please contact our office directly at 978-687-3131.
  • In some cases, a follow-up examination is necessary to evaluate the progress of healing several months after the treatment. This appointment only takes about ten minutes and there is no additional expense to you.