First Visit

In some cases, your General Dentist will have referred you for an evaluation only and in other cases they will have referred you for evaluation and treatment on the same day.  Either way, your appointment begins with a comprehensive examination of the tooth and/or area in question by the doctor.   A dental assistant will also be in the room.  Even if you have brought x-rays with you from your dentist’s office, we will usually take additional ones as part of this initial consultation.  Keep in mind that there is no additional expense for these x-rays and our digital radiography system keeps radiation exposure to a minimum (see “Technology” section for more information).  After the exam, the doctor will make a diagnosis and discuss treatment options with you.

In cases where treatment is done on the same day as the consultation, the doctor will anesthetize the tooth with local anesthetics so that you will be comfortable throughout the procedure.  Treatment usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.  Many times, the entire procedure is done in one appointment while other times it is done in two appointments.  Usually several x-rays are taken during the treatment.  At the end of your visit, the doctor will review post-operative instructions and pain management strategies with you and you will be given printed follow-up instructions to reinforce this information.